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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any items on which to avoid using the DISC hangers?

Some manufacturers paint the back of plates on the top of the glaze or fired surfaces. We recommend that you locally remove the paint on glass or porcelain. as the bond between the paint and the plate is often inadequate to suspend the weight of the plate over a long period.

Very Important: The manufacturer does not recommend using the discs on plastic, acrylic, or melamine material, however, some people have had success with these materials. You are welcome to try the plate hangers on your plastic, melamine, or acrylic plates, but we do not guarantee success and you do so at your own risk. We do not recommend the use of the hangers with iron charges. We do not recommend the use of our plate hangers with the Southern Living at Home Terrace Appetizer Plate and chargers as featured in their catalog. We tested these charges and plates with our plate hangers and they do not adhere. Our distributor has contacted Southern Living asking them to put a retraction in their online catalog and also inform their sales force, but they have not yet done so. They indicate that they were able to get the plates to hang with our plate hangers (we cannot). If you use our plate hangers for any of the applications above, you do so at your own risk.

No matter the application, you must adequately prepare the article.

Will the DISC Hangers work to hang wall tiles?

Disc hangers work on all fired materials, such as unglazed backs of wall tiles and terracotta. Note: Plaster of Paris is not that strong, and may give way under its own weight. Consequently, even though the Disc Plate Hanger sticks well, we do not recommend its use on Plaster of Paris.

Can you use DISC Hangers to display china and porcelain bowls?

Yes. You cannot display these using traditional wires, but, you obtain a stunning 3D effect by hanging bowls using the Discs.

Do the plate hangers work with glass plates?

The transparency of glass items does not generally lend itself to display by Discs, but some glass objects display beautifully.  However, if the glass is not transparent, then the plate hangers form a strong bond with the glass. Also, if the lips of the plate are not transparent, you can use two smaller hangers on the lips, and attach them with picture hanging wire. Then attach the picture hanging wire to a picture hook on the wall.

Are the plate hangers clear and colorless, or are the plate hangers "invisible" because they hide behind the hanging plate.

Like the below picture shows, the plate hangers are yellow. Unlike the old wire hangers, that wrap around the lips of the plate, and show; the disc hangers attach to the back of the plate and don't show. You will see the discs through a transparent plate.

Do the plate hangers work on copper, brass, and silver plates?

In addition to these metals, other metals may be acceptable, but you need to check these on a case by case basis. Weight is the important factor, as the diameter guide on the provided instructions is for china and porcelain. The maximum recommended weights for each size, are as follows:
1 1/4" (30mm) - 1lb (500g)
2" (50mm) - 2lbs (1Kg)
3" (75mm) - 3lbs (1.5Kg)
4" (100mm) - 5.5lbs (2.5Kg)
5 1/2" (140mm) - 7lbs (3Kg)

Can I hang objects heavier the 7 lbs?

Yes. Two Discs connected by a strong cord or wire may be used to display heavier objects. (You can adopt this same "picture hanging" approach for hanging awkward shaped items or orientation sensitive items.) The above weight limits are very conservative. They are based on the strength and integrity of the cloth and Dee-Rings, not the bond strength between the glue and the surface object's surface.

Can you use the Adhesive Plate Hangers to hang mirors?

Some people hang mirrors, however, success depends on the "silvering" materials used on the back of the mirror glass. We do not guarantee success. You can try this at your own risk.

Can you use the hanger for wooden decor?

The disc hangers work to display unvarished wooden articles and hardboard backed pictures. The Discs stick to some varnishes, but not others (the same applies to paint). We recommend customers try it, and if it does not stick to the varnish, remove it. The water soluble glue does not stick to vegetable oils, such as Linseed. Anything "oiled" will reject the glue.

I want to display my plates, but use them on special occasions. Is the plate usable with the DISC attached?

Although we do not recommend this, the plates are usable with the disc attached. If you plan to use the plate with the disc attached, make sure you do not get the disc wet. Rinse/clean only the front of the plate with cool water. Always perform the pull test (pull firmly on the plate hanger) before rehanging the plate.

My plate has writing or a label on the back. How can I use your plate hangers without covering the writing or destroying the label?

To avoid covering writing on the back of your plate, use two smaller hangers attached to the lips of the plate. String picture hanging wire between these two smaller hangers, and then attach the plate to a picture hook on the wall. Make sure the the two hangers support the weight of the plate.