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About Disc Plate Hangers

The Original Invisible Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers

These English Plate Hangers have been tested and proven for over 30 years. Use them to hang porcelain, china, earthenware, glass, unvarnished wood, and more. Display your plates, platters, trays, trivets, chargers, decorative crafts, and three-dimensional household decor on your walls.

Disc Plate Hanger Features

No More Ugly Wires

Disc hangers fit totally behind the plate or any item you hang. Unlike a wire plate hanger, that shows hooks, clips, or wires, disc plate hangers are invisible when you look at the plate. They will not distract from your wall hangings.

Easily Removable

Discs remove without marking plates. They are designed so that they can be used and removed without spoiling the plate's underglaze markings. Just soak the plate in warm water to remove the Disc.

Plates Lay Flat against the Wall

Wire plate hangers may have springs and sizable hardware that make them lay awkward on a wall. Disc play hangers adhere flat against the back of plates and decor, and therefore display your decor nicely on the wall.

Great for Collector Plates

Collector plates often have writing or paper labels on the back. You do not want to disturb these. Wire plate hangers may hide the writing or label. Use two small plate hangers attached to the lips or side of plate. String picture hanging wire between them. Take care not to get any labels wet.

Safety Assured

With correct preparation and installation, the adhesive hangers provide a strong bond that will adhere permanently to your hangings. The glue will not deteriorate over time. The discs remain unaffected by normal fluctuations in household temperature and humidity. They will not chip or damage plates like wire and spring loaded plate hangers.

Perfect for Large Displays and Small Decor

The large adhesive hangers provide the perfect solution for hanging large trays and bowls. Use more than one hanger to hang larger and heavier items. Trim the adhesive discs to hang smaller items and get the perfect fit.

Ideal for Odd Shaped Items

Unlike wire plate hangers, discs work on most any shaped object. You can trim them to fit three dimensional and irregular shaped crafts and decor.

Easy to Use

Follow directions carefully.


    1. Clean the back of the plate by hand, even if the plate is new. Use dishwashing liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry with clean cloth. Plate must be clean for disc to bond.
    2. Use fingers to mix water into glue on disc. Wait 3-7 minutes for glue to become sticky. Glue will appear milky white.
    3. Apply disc to plate. Make sure to place the hanging ring in the correct position for the plate design. Press firmly and rub well to expel any air.
    4. Let dry overnight.
    5. Very Important: Perform a "Pull Test" to test strength of the adhesion before hanging. To perform the "Pull Test" pull firmly on the ring to ensure the disc has adhered to the plate.


Plate Hanger Sizing Information

    Use 1.25" discs on plates up to 4 inches in diameter and weighing up to 1 pound. One and a quarter inch hangers are ideal for hanging smaller 3 dimensional objects. They can fit hidden behind small trivets, coasters, silverware, cups, mugs, and almost any small figure or decor you want to hang. You can trim them to even fit smaller surfaces.
        Use 2" discs on plates up to 6 inches in diameter and weighing up to 2 pounds. Two inch disc plate hangers are ideal for hanging items such as small bowls and saucers, tiles, ceramics, decorative coasters, ornate pottery, and trivets. These and the 1.25" hangers also work great on collector plates, as you can put them on the outer part of the plates to avoid covering writing or labels.
            Use 3" discs on plates up to 8 inches in diameter and weighing up to 3 pounds. Three inch disc plate hangers are ideal for displaying items such as saucers, luncheon, salad and dessert plates, decorative tiles, ceramics, and soup and cereal bowls. Use two discs to hang heavier serving dishes (up to 6lbs), small trays and platters. You can trim them to fit irregular shaped decorations, like ornate coasters or trivets.
                Use 4" discs on plates up to 12 inches in diameter and weighing up to 5.5 pounds. Four inch disc plate hangers are ideal for displaying items such as full size plates, decorative mirrors, tiles, ceramics, and bowls. Use two discs to hang heavier decor (up to 11lbs) such as medium size trays and platters, large bowls and dishes, and chargers. Their larger size allows you to trim them to fit most irregular shaped decorations.
                    Use 5.5" discs on plates up to 7 pounds. Five inch disc plate hangers are ideal for displaying trays, platters, heavy pottery bowls, large metal items, and heavy decor of all types. Use two discs to hang heavier bowls, platters, and chargers up to 14 pounds. You can even trim the discs so they do not cover ridges, or fit better on the bottom of your plate.

                      Available in Five Sizes for Any Size Plate

                      Disc Size  For Plates of Size For Plates Weighing Upto
                      1 1/4 (30mm) For plates up to 4 (100mm) diameter 1lb (500g)
                      2 (50mm) For plates up to 6 (150mm) diameter 2lbs (1Kg)
                      3 (75mm) For plates up to 8 (200mm) diameter 3lbs (1.5Kg)
                      4 (100mm) For plates up to 12 (200mm) diameter 5.5lbs (2.5Kg)
                      5.5 (140mm) For large plates 7lbs (3Kg)