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The Flatirons Disc Co.

Flatirons Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers, set of four 5.5-inch hangers

$ 13.49

This is a set of four 5.5 Inch Flatirons Disc Co. brand extra large plate hangers. The Flatirons Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers hold china, porcelain, crafts, large trays and platters, and home decor of many different sizes and shapes. Each plate hanger holds up to 7 pounds. Use 2 or more disc hangers to hold heavier pottery, trays, and decor. These 5.5" Disc Hangers work great to hang heavy trays and platters, large glass and mirrors, chargers, and some heavy metal objects. Their size allows you to trim them to fit odd shaped items and avoid rims and edges. (Trimming plate hangers can reduce the amount of weight they support.)

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