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Four 1.25-inch Plate Hangers and Six OOK ReadyNail 10lbs. Picture Hooks

$ 18.99

This is a bundle that contains the following two items. 1) A set of four 1.25 Inch Flatirons Disc Co. brand small plate hangers. 2) A package of 6 OOK readynail 10lbs picture hooks. The readynail picture hooks make it easy to hang the Disc Plate Hanger on the wall. The Flatirons Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers one and a quarter inch hangers are ideal for hanging smaller 3 dimensional objects. They can fit hidden behind small trivets, coasters, silverware, cups, mugs, and almost any small figure or decor you want to hang. You can trim them to even fit smaller surfaces.These and the 2" hangers also work great on collector plates, as you can put them on the outer part of the plates to avoid covering writing or labels. Each plate hanger holds up to 1 pound. You can trim them to fit irregular shaped decorations, like ornate coasters or trivets. The 6 piece OOK readynail picture hooks make plate hanging easier using nails that come pre-inserted into the hook at the proper angle. Just tap nail into wall. No need to balance nails in the hook, or hurt your fingers using the hammer. The nails are reinforced at the elbow of the hook for added support and easier nailing. These are brass plated hooks that support up to 10 pounds. The Disc Plate Hangers are not recommended for most metals, plastics, and wood, as oxidation in the metals and oils in the wood can cause them not to adhere to the item; people have had mixed success with these materials.

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