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Top 10 Questions about Disc Plate Hangers (Part 2 of 2)

Four years ago I wrote a post on the top 10 questions customers often ask about Disc Plate Hangers. In that post I provided answers to five of the top ten common questions. In this post I will answer five more common questions asked by customers.

6. Can I use bowls, plates, and trays with disc hangers on them?

I often have customers that want to hang their plates, but also want to use them for special occasions. They want to know whether they can remove their plate from the wall, use it to serve their guests, and hang it again without ruining the hangers. The answer depends on the situation.

First, you want to make sure that the plate can lay flat when the disc hanger is on the plate or tray. If the plate has no foot-rim, which is the protruding ring around the base of a plate, bowl, or tray, then the plate might wobble with the hanger on it. This will make it difficult to use. Make sure the disc hanger is inside the foot-rim. The metal rings on the hangers are less than 1/8" thick, so the tray does not need a deep foot-rim.

Second, avoid serving hot or warm food in the bowl. This can make the glue melt. In addition, avoid serving something very cold that might result in condensation that would loosen the glue. A bowl of candy, nuts, or a tray of cheese and fruit would work perfect.

Third, do not clean the plate, bowl, or tray with hot water. This can also destroy the bond between the plate and the disc. Do not get the hanger wet. If it gets wet, remove it and put on a new adhesive hanger.

Last, after you clean the plate, wait overnight. Do not hang it right away. The next morning, before hanging the plate, perform the "Pull Test". The "Pull Test" is where you pull firmly on the metal ring of the hanger to make sure it does not detach from the plate. If over 30% of the hanger detaches, then remove the hanger and replace it with a new hanger.

If you don't want to take a chance of damaging the plate due to weakening the bond with the disc hanger, then just remove the hanger when you want to use the plate. When your party is over, put on a new invisible plate hanger. (Before putting on the new hanger, make sure you prepare the bowl or plate according to the directions.)

7. Can I remove the plate hangers without damaging the plate or item?

As described in 6 above, the disc hangers are easy to remove. Just soak in warm water, and the hanger can easily be removed. However, if you use the hangers on a material, like paper mache, then soaking in not an option. If you try and remove the hanger, it will ruin the item.

8. Will high humidity cause the invisible plate hangers to peel?

I know people who have used the plate hangers at a lake house in a highly humid environment. The plate is still hanging after 20 years. In general, high humidity does not cause any problem with the glue, however, there are some exceptions.

Do not hang plates in your bathroom or any room where condensation might build up on the walls or mirrors. If your bathroom has a fan that prevents any build up of steam or condensation, then you might be able to hang the plates in it.

In addition, avoid any place in your kitchen that might get a lot of heat or steam. For example, do not place them above a stove that has no fan.

9. Will the disc plate hangers work outdoors?

The plate hangers cannot get wet. This means that they cannot be directly outdoors, where it might rain or get any type of mist. They can be placed on a porch or an enclosed patio, where they could not get wet. If you ever feel moistness on the walls of the enclosed area, do not hang them there.

10. Do the hangers work on plastic?

In general, the hangers cannot be guaranteed to work on plastic, however, I often hear that people have success with plastic items. I have tried to put the hangers on melamine plates, but they did not stick. I told this to a customer who asked, but they wanted to try anyway. They contacted me back and said they worked great. I also tried to adhere the hangers to a Frisbee. It stuck, but the bond was very weak. I could have pulled it right off with a little force. Since a Frisbee is light, I could still hang it. In addition, if the Frisbee fell, it would not hurt anyone or break. It could make for a great Frisbee wall like this one.


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