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Top 10 Questions about Disc Plate Hangers (Part 1 of 2)


Over the years of selling plate hangers, customers have asked us many questions about using the Disc Plate Hangers. This list is the first part of our post that provides answers to the ten most common questions asked by our customers.

1. Can I use the Disc Plate Hangers to hang a large heavy platter?

Plate hangers work perfect for large platters, trays, bowls, dishes, mirrors, or any large home decoration. If the item is very wide (approximately 16 inches), or over 7 lbs, then use two or more of the disc hangers. Each 5.5-inch hanger can hold up to 7 lbs. We suggest that you string picture hanging wire between the hangers; this makes the item easier to hang on a single picture hook on the wall. Make sure you also purchase a picture hook that supports the weight of your wall decor.

For example, if you want to hang an 18-inch platter that weighs 12 pounds, use two 5.5-inch discs. String picture hanging wire between both hangers. Hang the platter on the wall using a single picture hook that supports 20 lbs.

See an example of what it looks like below:

2. Do the discs work on metal items?

In general, we do not recommend using the Disc Plate Hangers with metal items. However, some people have had success hanging metal trays, silver platters, aluminum items, and more. See this Daisy Mea Bell post on How to Hang a Silver Platter Wall for an example that describes how she got the hangers to adhere to her Silver Platters. The main problem with metal is that it oxidizes; the oxidized metal, to which the disc is attached, eventually detaches from the plate. Some metals oxidize less than others. Stainless steel and gold don't oxidize very much at room temperature, so they might work.

If you want to try to hang a metal tray, make sure you clean it very well, and remove all the oxidized metal from where you attach the hanger. I have also had some people tell me they have used duct tape and monkey glue (but I do not recommend this).

3. What makes the plate hanger invisible?

Many customers ask whether they can use the plate hangers on transparent plates or glass. The answer to this is "yes." The problem is that if the glass is transparent, therefore, you will see the plate hangers through the glass. The Flatirons Disc Co. Brand plate hanger that we sell is yellow. If you use it on a clear dish, it will be visible. However, if you use it on glass decor that is not see through, it will be invisible.

The discs get the name Invisible Plate Hangers because they are hidden from view behind the plate. This is not the case with wire plate hangers, as you can see the feet of the wires holding the plates.

The following photographs illustrate the difference between the wire plate hangers and the disc plate hangers for wall decor.

Plate display using wire hangers Plate display using disc plate hangers

4. Can I reuse the invisible plate hangers after I take them off the plate?

No. Disc plate hangers are not reusable. The glue washes off the hanger when you remove it with warm water. Some people have reused the disc hanger by adhering the used hanger to the plate with Gorilla Glue or duct tape. We don't recommend this, as the Gorilla Glue and duct tape can ruin the back of the plate. In addition, the glue and tape may not hold over a long period of time.

Check out the picture of a used disc plate hanger below. It contains very shiny and very dull areas. Watered down glue exists on the very shiny areas, but little of no glue exists on the dull areas. A new plate hanger will have an evenly distributed shine on the back (In the picture below it is difficult to see the shine, but easy to see the evenly distributed coloring.


Used Disc Plate Hanger New Disc Plate Hanger

5. How do you know what size to buy for your dish, plate, platter, tile, or other home decor?

This is probably the most common question. See our plate hanger sizing chart to determine the size to purchase for your decor. For very large items and items over 7lbs, use two or more plate hangers, and make sure the weight is evenly distributed among the disc hangers.

See Part 2 of the Top 10 Questions about Disc Plate Hangers

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